Roam Ropes  

Ropes are the first ever Bluetooth earphones with a built-in amplifier and advanced EQ Engine. Now you can customize the sound to hear music the way YOU want.
Day 1

coverage starts appearing on launch date


boost in sales after 30 days


number of journalists in our network



A pair of headphones/earphones are sold every 5 seconds. Last year global sales hit 340 million units. The headphone/earphone market is incredibly competitive at every price-point. Reporters are on the frontlines, getting pitched by manufactures all of the time to review their new products. Getting media coverage for a launch can make or break a company. Reporters have seen it all. How do we get Ropes to stand out head and shoulders above the rest?


ROAM Ropes came on board as a full service client. A media team was assigned to their campaign. The goal was to maximize their media exposure throughout the length of their project. It was constant pitching, analyzing results, re-pitching, re-analyzing, re-pitching, etc. until we could maximize their media exposure.


We came in and brought the BUZZ, turning ROAM Ropes Kickstarter campaign into a six figure rollout. The press came fast. Mashable, Trendhunter, Cult Of Mac, Ubergizmo and more articles started rolling in. This all led to a successful launch coupled with a tremendous boost in sales.


With press coverage comes numbers .... BIG NUMBERS. In less than a month, orders for ROAM ROPES reached $126,377.