Vyper HyperIce  

The Vyper is a foam roller that uses pressure and vibration to loosen and warm up muscles. This increases flexibility and range of motion to improve the body's overall performance while training.
2 hours

time it took to land first press bite


amount raised in 45 days


their investment in RepBeyond



The fitness field is incredibly competitive. Innovations in the industry are frequent, so the competition for press is fierce. Launching on Kickstarter at $175, the Vyper is also a premium product. Another goal was to get the press to focus on the features rather than on the price.


We have a network of over 1.2 million journalists. We reached out to our contacts, targeting key journalists across all of the different media outlets: Newspapers, Magazines, Cable News, Digital News, Newswires, Journals, Radio Stations, TV Networks, Syndicated Columns and Blogs. We wrote an email pitch that was short and sweet, yet focused on what made the Vyper incredibly unique.


It all started with a bang! Within 2 hours of reaching out to our contacts, CNN replied back showing strong interest. Within 24 hours, Fox News wanted to get the Vyper live on one of their nationally broadcasted TV shows. The press kept rolling in, including articles in Fitness Magazine, Men's Fitness, Venturebeat, Uncrate and more.


With press comes pledges. In 45 days the Vyper raised $271,524 from 1084 backers. The success of their launch paved the way for more opportunities. The Vyper can now be found at REI, Best Buy and more.