Welcome on board. We're excited to be working with you. Soon, one of our team members will be emailing you a questionnaire. You'll have ten questions to complete. Please do your best to answer them. As soon as we receive your questionnaire back, we'll schedule a media day for you ... the day we get you out to the press. Based on your answers, your crowdfunding page, and your website (if you have one) we start building your pitch. You'll receive the pitch the day before your media day. We're usually right on, but if you need to, please feel free to edit. We don't send anything out unless you give us a thumbs up. While we're building your pitch, we'll also be going through our media network ... targeting journalists most likely to write about you. We'll put you in front of the right people. We're swinging for the fences. Hopefully we can make an impact. We'll work hard to give your project the exposure it deserves. Let's get this party started!